The Story of the CHP

Pupils with better emotional wellbeing at aged seven had a value-added key stage 2 score 2.46 points higher than pupils with poorer emotional wellbeing.

Emotional, behavioural, social, and school wellbeing at ages 7 and 10 are significantly correlated with academic achievement at Key Stage 2.

One in four 7 year old girls has tried to lose weight at least once.

One third of young boys aged 8-12 are dieting to lose weight.

(Sources: Public Health England: The link between pupil health and wellbeing and attainment, Nov. 2014; PSHE Association – Government Equalities Office: Teacher Guidance: Key Standards in teaching about body image – ref. Westerberg-Jacobsen et al, European Eating Disorders Review, 2011 and McCabe, and Ricciardelli, 2005)

Our Vision

Our vision is for all children to have greater respect for their bodies, have the knowledge and confidence to make sustainable healthy choices, and have a true understanding of why it is important to be healthy.

Our Mission

We aim to make a sustainable change in health education, with an emphasis on cross-curricular teaching in PE, Science and PSHE, and offer real-life support for parents and families.

Our Approach

We offer a cross-curricular approach to Health and Wellbeing in EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, combining movement, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset education in schools and online. We work with children (both within school and online), their teachers, and their families.

We describe ‘health’ in four ways: Healthy Movement, Healthy Eating, Healthy Habits and Healthy Thoughts. Throughout our website, in our Scheme of Work, and in the school workshops, you will meet four Health Champions© that represent each area of health: Captain Kinetic©, Nutrition Ninja©, Agent Lifestyle© and Mindset Warrior©. Each one has a story to tell, and each one has advice to encourage children to improve their health.

Healthy Movement with Captain Kinetic

kinetic captain-kineticWe believe movement for a Primary aged pupil should be regular, dynamic and diverse. Our training and resources facilitate Outstanding PE teaching, improving teachers’ confidence to deliver a high quality, well-rounded PE curriculum, focused on the development of Physical Literacy. We encourage children to focus on what their bodies can DO rather than how they LOOK. They master the Fundamental Movement Skills before leaving Primary education and work in classrooms suited to their physical, mental and social needs. We offer subject-specific training for PE, as well as continuous professional development opportunities for implementing health and wellbeing into PE lessons.

Healthy Eating with Nutrition Ninja

nutrition-ninja nutritionA school’s healthy eating policy is fundamental to its learners’ achievements. We want children to fully understand why they should be eating five portions (minimum) of fruit and vegetables per day and value nutrition as one of their superpowers! Children are inspired by the power of food – how it can help them sleep, give them energy, support exercise and fight illness.
Our schools are updated on national guidelines, and confident in their delivery of a healthy eating cross-curricular approach. Lunchtimes are a pleasure, where children try new foods and learn about the impact their food choices will have on their bodies.

Healthy Habits with Agent Lifestyle

lifestyle agent-lifestyleImproved health habits could dramatically change a school’s achievement and attainment, as well as its atmosphere. Children should be enjoying longer, high quality sleep to prepare them for learning. With more time spent outdoors, an increase in hydration, and encouragement to find new hobbies, school children are inspired, awake and refreshed. There is an emphasis on improved dental health, as a result of lessons about sugar and oral care, and children know how to make moderated, healthy choices. Laughter fills the air in our schools, and the improvement in community cohesion ensures families of the pupils feel supported and informed.

Healthy Thoughts with Mindset Warrior

mindset mindset-warriorIn our schools, all pupils enjoy improved self-esteem, a better body image, and are inspired by healthy role models. They learn techniques to achieve relaxation, used in the classroom, during conflict resolution, around SATs, and at home. Better management of feelings and emotions, helps to promote improved behaviour across the school. The promotion of emotional safety strategies, for children of all ages within school, improves children’s resilience in challenging situations. The pupils reflect on their learning, and show gratitude with their positive outlook on life. Tolerance and motivation are at the forefront of the school’s healthy ethos.

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