CPD for Staff

Whole Staff Training

Four twilight options, ensuring staff deliver a high-quality Health Curriculum

Twilight 1 – Planning and Implementing a Health and Wellbeing Curriculum across the School

Alongside your Health Ambassador (Subject Leader), and Senior staff, we map practical and realistic Health and Wellbeing activities for your school, for a cross-curricular approach to teaching PE, Science and PSHE. We take into account your resources and capacity for delivering the programme, and work with you to plan the most suitable solution.

Twilight 2 – Teacher Health and Wellbeing

Great teaching is exhausting, both to the body and mind. In this twilight workshop, teachers will discover strategies to improve their physical and mental health, and advice surrounding the confusing research available to adults with regards to exercise and nutrition. Staff will be given a booklet with resources, and optional further support by email.

Twilight 3 – Cross Curricular Creative Movement

We take you through the method of planning a cross-curricular creative movement unit of work linked to your theme/topic. This twilight workshop is relevant to all year groups, advises you on the concept and recommendations for promoting Physical Literacy in your classes, and takes the pressure off teachers who fear having to choreograph their own Dance schemes of work. Useful curriculum and assessment resources accompany this training.

Twilight 4 – Developing Flexibility, Strength and Balance in the PE curriculum

A crucial but often overlooked aspect of our National Curriculum for PE. Implementing practical ideas from this workshop in your high quality teaching of Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Athletics and OAA lessons – or any modern PE lesson for that matter – will support children to become healthier, fitter and stronger, and more physically literate. Useful curriculum and assessment resources accompany this training.

Health Ambassador (Subject Leader) Training

Two days of training alongside professionals from other schools

Our programme of workshops for children and their parents is perfectly complemented with training for a subject leader in school, ensuring the programme will have a long-lasting, sustainable impact. Each school appoints a subject leader (perhaps the PE co-ordinator, the Healthy School Co-ordinator, or the PSHE Co-ordinator) who we train to become the school’s ‘Health Ambassador’. They will be responsible for ensuring children’s health is always being considered in school, and teachers feel supported in their curriculum delivery. Up to ten Health Ambassadors will gather for this training to learn about the four key areas (Movement, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Mindset) of our health programme in depth. We will support Health Ambassadors to formulate a whole-school Health Policy, and develop plans to work with parents in future.

Midday Assistant & Health Champion Training

Staff & children are trained to implement active playtimes & inspire healthy living

For a school to ensure children are moderately to vigorously active for at least one hour everyday, there must be a lunchtime activity programme available. We offer you a practical workshop for Midday Assistants to understand how to facilitate games for Primary aged children. They will be given an eBook of practical ideas to support healthy movement, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset activities over the lunchtime period. Health Champions (Playleaders) are also trained in leadership of the activities, and how to promote healthy living.