Children’s Health Experience Days

Engaging classroom workshops, delivered by Outstanding teachers, meeting the PE, Science and PSHE curricular

2 half days per class

Foundation Stage “How to be a Health Champion”

Children in EYFS learn ‘who they are’ through a series of story telling sessions, combined with structured movement, then take it the next level when investigating how to become a Health Champion. Children take part in problem solving activities, both alone and in small groups, concerning the four areas of health – healthy movement, healthy eating, healthy habits and healthy thoughts.

Year 1, Year 2 “Making Sense of a Healthy World”

Children in Year 1 and 2 discover a healthy lifestyle via their five senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. They explore feelings and attitudes, whilst learning to build the healthiest version of themselves. This workshop encourages children to listen to, and engage with, their body and their mind while exploring healthy movement, healthy eating, healthy habits and healthy thoughts.

Year 3, Year 4 “Coding a Healthy Body”

Verb – to code: to assign a code to something for classification or identification; to express the meaning of a statement in an indirect way; to convert into a code so as to convey a secret meaning. Children in Year 3 and 4 learn to code the human body – its limbs, organs and basic functions. They investigate how to code a healthy body – the ultimate healthy human, and begin to apply this code to their own healthy lifestyle.

Year 5, Year 6 “The Healthy Body’s Algorithm”

To perfect the code of a healthy body, we need to consider the body’s algorithm – the body’s list of rules to follow in order to complete a task/solve a problem such as “Awesome Health”. Year 5 and 6 delve into how the body works with problem solving tasks and team work activities, demonstrating they know how to complete the challenge of creating the healthiest human body.