Children’s Health Blog

We are working in association with PrimaryBlogger.

Our Children’s Health Blog will captivate children online. We’ll give teachers and pupils the opportunity to learn, be inspired and share their health experiences in a safe, moderated social setting. Every post and comment will be carefully moderated before it is displayed online.

The blog will connect children across the world, encouraging schools to work collaboratively to improve their pupils’ health.

How it works:

Each class will have their own page, accessible by teachers, parents and pupils from the UK and abroad.

Together, the teacher and pupils will propose a Health Promise, and will blog about their journey to better health.

Children will be able to interact with other users by liking and commenting on their posts.

We will post weekly fitness challenges, cooking ideas, relaxation techniques and mindfulness practices for children to engage with.

There will be prizes for the schools and pupils that interact most frequently.
Our Health Champions communicate with the children and teachers to encourage their progress.

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