What we Offer

Workshops in schools

If your son/daughter’s school has signed up to take part in The Children’s Health Project using their PE and Sport Premium funding, then you may be invited to a Parent Workshop. The workshops will be held after school, for one hour. There will be two unique sessions, which children are also welcome to come along to.

Workshops in the community

We will be running community workshops, which any parent of the local community is welcome to come along to. The workshops will be 3 hours long, and will include ideas for healthy movement, healthy eating, healthy habits and healthy thoughts. Some information and ideas will be repeated from the workshops in schools, but there will also be new ideas, and the opportunity to network with other parents to discuss children’s health.

Facebook Group

A Facebook Group is available for parents to continue the discussion of children’s health. Within the group, we can share ideas and resources. You can ask questions and know that what we share will be focussed on the four topics of health – movement, eating, habits and thoughts.

Useful resources

You will find the cheat sheets that are given out to parents during the workshops, and other ideas for keeping your child healthy or upgrading your family health, here on our website. There will be new resources available on a regular basis, and if you’ve given us your email address, you will receive the resources via email.

40 Day Challenge

Soon, we will be hosting a 40 Day Challenge. You will receive details over email. Basically, the challenge will last for 8 weeks, Mon-Fri. Every week, you will receive a reource with details of the challenge that will run each day. The challenges are based on our 40 principles of health and wellbeing for children. The whole family can take part, and we’d encourage you to share your pictures/videos on Instagram with the hashtag #childrenshealthproject