Ilse Fullarton – Founder

I started The Children’s Health Project because I have a passion for helping children thrive in our modern world. I have been a Primary school teacher for thirteen years, specialising in Physical Education and PSHE. For the last two years, I have been working as an education consultant, supporting teachers in EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 with their delivery of a high quality PE curriculum. I am also a qualified Personal Trainer, and therefore see ‘The Children’s Health Project’ as a way of combining my skills and offering teachers, parents and children knowledge and understanding of health and wellbeing.

The Children’s Health Project was initially set up after several concerning conversations with children as young as five years old about their body image, the food choices they were making and their lifestyles. It goes without saying that children of a Primary age should not be feeling pressure or anxiety over issues like this, yet it’s hardly surprising when they are surrounded by images of the ‘perfect’ body in the media, and hear frequent conversations about ‘diets’ and ‘stress’ on a daily basis.

I believe the only way to protect our children from this is to educate them with facts, and encourage them to develop a wide range of skills, so they have the knowledge and confidence to make their own, informed choices. As children are dependent on their parents and guardians at this young age, and influenced heavily by their school life, we felt our work should span school life and home life, in order to provide them with a comprehensive health and wellbeing package.