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What to do when something feels difficult…

Thursday 9th February | No comments yet

Sometimes, learning is hard! From Maths problems, Science experiments, and spelling tests, to challenging your fitness in PE – occasionally, school-life is just difficult! When you’re finding something difficult, and

How do muscles help us move?

Friday 25th November | No comments yet

Some muscles in our bodies are attached to bones, and when they contract, the bones move. That’s how you can eat delicious food…just lifting food from your plate, to your

What’s your unique talent?

Thursday 24th November | No comments yet

Hi everyone, Mindset Warrior here! I was selected to be a Health Champion for The Children’s Health Project because I have some unique talents. One of them is being able

How do we taste our food?

Wednesday 16th November | No comments yet

Today we’re going to learn about ‘taste‘. Taste is one of our five senses, and is experienced with our tongue. Our tongue is covered in tiny things (smaller than you

What is ‘abundance’? How can it help us to be healthy?

Tuesday 15th November | 1 comment

Good morning everyone! Today’s #tuesdaytip is about ABUNDANCE. Abundance means ‘a large quantity of something’ – or ‘a lot of something’. As it’s Anti-Bullying Week this week, focussing on ‘abundance’

Why do some people eat gluten free foods?

Monday 14th November | No comments yet

Hi everyone, today’s we’re going to have a quick discussion about ‘gluten’. This week is ‘Food Allergy Week’, so we’re going to learn a little bit about it, so we

Try this agility obstacle course!

Friday 11th November | No comments yet

Agility is being able to change the position of your body, or the direction of your body as quickly as possible.  To be agile, you need to: be balanced and

Dealing with stress? Clap along…

Thursday 10th November | No comments yet

Sometimes, life gets difficult. When it does, we need a little something to lift our spirits, and help us feel more positive. Pharrell Williams does just that with his song

5 reasons your heart is amazing!

Wednesday 9th November | No comments yet

Your heart is about the size of both your hands clasped together. Girls’ heart beats are usually faster than boys’ heart beats. Your heart is actually a muscle! It is protected by

Get a better night’s sleep

Tuesday 8th November | No comments yet

How much sleep did YOU have last night? Did you know, having the right amount of sleep allows our bodies to repair, perform tasks better and have a better memory? With a