What other Children say

What other children say about our Project

Children have answered our questions about the children’s workshops:

What have you learnt by taking part in The Children’s Health Project?

“I have started to eat more fruit”
“How lovely food tastes without sugar”
“I am checking the sugar in foods”
“I have learnt a breathing method that calms me down”
“To think positive thoughts!’
“What I have in my body”
“To look out for how many teaspoons of sugar there are in my food”
“How the seeds tasted nice mixed with yoghurt”
“I know that moving my body is healthy”
“I have leant to try new foods even if I’m not sure”
“I have learnt to keep my mind healthy with positive affirmations”
“You are only supposed to have 6 teaspoons of sugar per day”
“I have learnt to have fun but safely, and to keep moving because it is good for me”
“How to get healthy and which foods make us healthy”
“How vitamins and minerals work in your body”
“I know which foods are good for which part of your body”
“How foods help your body”
“I know how to make a healthy Ninja Bowl!”
“Which types of sugar we are allowed”
“I have learnt how important it is to drink water and brush my teeth”
“I know it’s not healthy to use electronics for very long”
“Tomatoes are good for your heart!”
“To have FUN!”
“Papaya and orange foods are good for your eyes”
“I learnt how to do press ups!”
“I need to have healthy habits like drinking water and getting outside”
“How to have a healthy mind with healthy thoughts”
“I have learnt that going out in the sun is fun!”

Why did you like taking part?

“We learnt how to be healthy in a fun way”
“We met the Health Champions and got to know them”
“I loved making Ninja Bowls”
“I loved meeting Mindset Warrior”
“Doing the homework was really fun but it made me think as well”
“I tasted food I have never tried before”
“It gave me more understanding of what I have to do to be healthy”
“I liked it when we counted how much sugar the girl had”
“We did so many fun things that are healthy”
“Because we got to try new foods”
“It was awesome!”

Who is your health role model?

“My teacher because I know her really well and can trust her”
“Captain Kinetic because he gets me moving”
“My Grandad because he eats really healthy food and moves a lot”
“Mindset Warrior because she thinks healthy thoughts and is kind”
“My Mum because she encourages me to try new foods”
“Mindset Warrior because she teaches me to think positive of myself. She helps me know I’m a good person since I already know I’m good to my friends and family”
“Captain Kinetic because he moves a lot and is a sporty person like me”
“Nutrition Ninja because I learnt lots about my health, which foods are good for my body and I got a chance to try grapes for the first time”
“Lola because she always check the rules and I think that helps my mind so I don’t accidently get into the habit of doing something naughty and feel bad”
“Mindset Warrior because she’s calm and thoughtful”
“My teacher because she helps me expand my mind”
“Mrs Fullarton because she has showed me how to stay healthy and Mindset Warrior because she helps me with my thoughts”
“Alex because he keeps me happy by making me laugh”
“Agent Lifestyle because I need to drink more water and sometimes go in the shade”
“My Mum because she’s like Mindset Warrior and the other Health Champions because she thinks positive”
“Agent Lifestyle because I have water and sun cream from home, and sunglasses and a hat”