The Children’s Health Project Goes Global!

I am beyond excited to be presenting at the Connected:PE conference next week in Dubai. The conference aims to bring PD (Professional Development) into the 21st Century for Physical Educators. If you are a passionate PE teacher, I would highly recommend checking out Connected:PE run by Jarrod Robinson, aka The PE Geek.

I will be running two workshops in Dubai:

Connecting Children Across the Globe in a Conversation About Better Health

This presentation will explore the possibility of Primary aged children (4-11yrs) communicating across the globe about health and wellbeing. We will explore opportunities to interact internationally, with fellow pupils from different cultures. There will be an emphasis on health and wellbeing, especially linked to Physical Education lessons, but also exploring the importance of healthy minds as well. I will introduce my Children’s Health Blog, which will give an opportunity for students from across the globe to initiate a conversation about better movement, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset, as part of The Children’s Health Blog.

Upgrading PE to Further Improve the Health and Wellbeing of Your Students

This workshop will offer teachers/leaders the motivation, ideas and resources to upgrade their PE offer to a Health offer (including PE) with three key resources/ideas to take away. Through discussion, questioning and an interactive presentation, the sesison will enable delegates to formulate a more rigorous approach to health and wellbeing, which considers the whole child.The workshop will include lots of discussion, a short presentation, examples of good practice and demonstration of how these factors can contribute to an Outstanding school, with a strong sporting ethos. I will encourage delegates to consider how they can implement some of the factors above to really enhance their PE provision and demonstrate the impact PE has on their children’s Physical Literacy and Health Literacy.


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