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St Michael's Junior School

"The Children’s Health Project has had a noticeable impact on our children and staff. Our PSHE lessons have been enriched by frank discussions with our children about body image, self-esteem and aspirations. Our children have learnt to be amazed by their bodies and what they can do. We have seen a reduction in stress in some children and parents have noted an improvement in sleep as well as food choices. Our teachers use the scheme’s resources in line with their curriculum lessons. Our children have also loved getting to know the four Health Champions.”

- Clare Armstrong Morris, Health Ambassador

What changes can you expect?

Our schools report on the impact the Project has had so far in their school.
Children are more knowledgeable about their bodies and minds
Teachers are talking to the children about health and wellbeing more
Teachers feel more confident to teach health and wellbeing
Children can talk about health and wellbeing as movement, eating, habits and thoughts
Children know lots of ways to improve their health and wellbeing
Children are experiencing a broader and deeper health and wellbeing education
Quality of health and wellbeing education has improved
Teachers feel they can deliver better quality lessons now they are using the Scheme
More time is spent teaching health and wellbeing
Teachers feel the resources and training have contributed to achieving whole school improvement targets