2 full days of CPD

A Scheme of Work with 160 lessons, resources and guidance

A subscription to our forthcoming online platform 

A baseline assessment package to assess Health and Wellbeing in the curriculum

Collaborative work with a Health Partner to support and encourage your work

A discounted ticket to attend our conference

Case Study featured on our new website to report on the Project's impact in your school

£500 per delegate (18/19 booking price)

ESSEX (Rayleigh)

23rd May & 20th June 2019


17th June & 1st July 2019


24th May & 25th June 2019


13th June & 14th June 2019


3rd October & 12th November 2019


Dates tbc

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Thank you Ilse for an amazing two sessions of health ambassador training. I feel very inspired to take so many ideas back to school to really make an impact. We are looking forward to our class workshops and parent sessions too! 

Jennifer Nunn

Thank you for the two days intensive training, so much has been gained personally and professionally. Your experience and depth of knowledge is mind blowing and totally inspirational in your venture to spread the good word of Health! Just being able to talk amongst the group and swap ideas and scenarios was a true gem. I am so excited to put all my new ideas into play and enthuse the children about health in every aspect. Watch this space, I am a Health Ambassador and I am going to make a difference - there is no stopping me now! I will be recommending the course to others for definite, thanks again.

Zellah Chambers

Thank you so much for both sessions.... my head might explode with ideas and excitement ...We are setting up a health club and I can't wait to see how the school progresses through this really exciting project... 

Stuart McKenzie

What is a Health Ambassador?

A Health Ambassador is either a subject leader (PE or PSHE usually), or someone that leads Healthy Schools, who will be responsible for reinvigorating and planning your school's Health Focus. We work with the Health Ambassador to ensure that your collaboration with The Children's Health Project meets your school's needs, is sustainable, and the message of improved health and wellbeing is communicated to the whole school community.

Our Health Programme

Our cross-curricular approach to Health and Wellbeing in EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, combines the PE, Science, PSHE and DT curricular. It meets expectations set out in national health agendas, and fits into the school day without the need for additional lesson time. Our resources are comprehensive, and inspiring, and are delivered both in school, and online. 

We describe ‘health’ in four ways: Healthy Movement, Healthy Eating, Healthy Habits and Healthy Thoughts. Throughout our courses, in our Scheme of Work, and in our workshops, you will meet four Health Champions that represent each area of health (Captain Kinetic ©, Nutrition Ninja ©, Agent Lifestyle © and Mindset Warrior ©). Each one has a story to tell, and each one has advice to encourage children to improve their health. We've found pupils to be captivated by these characters, and have even heard children saying "What would Mindset Warrior tell me to do?"

Healthy Movement

Movement plays a fundamental role in the health of our pupils. We help children achieve the recommended levels of daily activity, appreciate their bodies for the amazing things they can do (as opposed to how they look), reduce sedentary behaviours and build a positive start to their Physical Literacy journeys.

Healthy Eating

It's becoming increasingly recognised that food choices affect how a child learns and what they achieve in the classroom, as well as their mood, energy levels and overall wellbeing. We don't just teach children the basics of low sugar, five-a-day etc, we teach them to explore deep nutrition, and how it can help them thrive. 

Healthy Habits

Most of us can think of a child who comes into school having had little sleep, doesn't have a water bottle with them, and rarely gets outside in the fresh air...all these additional elements of health and wellbeing are having a profound effect on how well children feel. We teach children to take care of themselves with daily habits.  

Healthy Thoughts

Our programme teaches children to feel better about themselves, cope with their emotions and deal with tough situations with tolerance and resilience. We target body image issues, which we see in children as young as 4 years old, and help children create a toolbox of mindful practices to support positive mental health.  


This training programme equips you with the knowledge, skills and resources you will need to implement a Health Focus in your school. We explore good practice, our unique pedagogy, and essential resources. We focus on strategic planning, delivery of the resources and evaluation of impact to enable the Health Ambassador to develop a suitable whole school programme.

Our Health Ambassador Training will be a valuable learning experience for teachers and health leads. Each session will include engaging health and wellbeing activities, opportunities for networking and planning collaborative learning, and the chance to plan a Whole School Health System. The training is designed to take you on a step-by-step journey through every element of delivering a high quality education package for health and wellbeing in your school, without the pressure of additional curriculum time. All Health Ambassadors will leave feeling informed, prepared and excited for leading transformative practices across the whole-school community. 

Agenda for two full days

Day 1

9:30am: Registration & Introduction


Introduction to the programme and how other Health Ambassadors have delivered it in their schools  

Guide through the Scheme of Work, and discussion surrounding its use in your school  

Development of a Health Foundation - analysing the health needs in your school, and realising the focus for Health and Wellbeing in your school  

Experience of 'Healthy Movement' and 'Healthy Habits' tasks you can deliver in school  

Partnering with another school for accountability and future collaboration

3pm-3:30pm: Evaluations; Tasks for Day 2; Q&A

Day 2

9:30am: Registration & Introduction


Understanding the educational theories behind the CHP programme. Delving into Physical & Health Literacy and why we should be planning our physical & mental health programme around the concepts 

Development of a Health Model, which combined with your Healthy Foundation, will create a comprehensive Health System for your school  

Experience of 'Healthy Eating' and 'Healthy Thoughts' tasks to deliver in school 

Initiation of the ongoing, year long support programme from the CHP

3pm-3:30pm: Award of Certificates; Evaluations; Q&A


Rayleigh, Essex: Grovewood Primary School, Grove Rd, Rayleigh SS6 8UA

Royal Borough of Greenwich: Plumcroft Primary School, 123 Plum Ln, London SE18 3AG

Sutton: Hackbridge Primary School, Hackbridge Rd, Wallington SM6 7AX

Croydon: Training venue tbc


As part of your Health Ambassador training, you will be given our unique Scheme of Work, now being used in over 70 schools across the UK:

Scheme of Work

160 health and wellbeing activities for children in Recepton to Year 6. Four distinct areas of learning: Movement, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Mindset. Short, simple activities that can be delivered once or twice a week as Health lessons, include in PE, Science, DT and PSHE lessons, or delivered in an extra-curricular Health Club club, for a sustainable focus on health and wellbeing in school. 

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Two full days of learning with Ilse Fullarton, a Primary School teacher of 16 years, and a specialist in Physical Education and PSHE. Ilse offers PE consultancy to schools, and is passionate about teaching Health and Wellbeing in schools. Ilse has also written the Scheme of Work you will be given. She founded The Children's Health Project to share her own passion for improved health, and to support schools to provide the ultimate healthy environment for their pupils. 

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