What happens when we join the CHP Academy?

Schools like yours join on an annual basis, allowing them access to all our lesson plans, resources and training in our Academy for a year (there are options for joining for 2 or 3 years as well – see below).

You will receive a login with a password, set exclusively for your school. Once inside the Academy, you will be greeted by our Health Ambassadors from our current schools, who are passionately engaged in the Project already. We like to create a community feel, so our forum allows you to network with other like-minded teachers, ask questions and seek advice.

As well as the online Academy, you will be able to download our iOS app (for schools using Apple) to access all lesson plans on their iPads. For schools with Android tablets, a link to the membership site can be downloaded as an app icon, and your teachers can gain quick access to the lesson plans this way.

All plans, resources and training will then sit there in the Academy, for you to access whenever you wish. If you’d prefer to only pop in when the Academy has been updates with new resources, then look out for our emails with updates.

How does the CHP Academy deliver training?

Training is for subject leaders – often PE, PSHE, Science or DT, for Healthy Schools Co-ordinators and for all classroom teachers.

As the year goes on, the number of learning opportunities will grow inside the Academy – webinars that act as longer form presentations, short videos to explain the subject knowledge behind all our health topics, posters to act as cheat sheets for planning folders, and longer form online courses for passionate subject leaders included.

It will be within the ‘Community’ section of the Academy that you will learn from other colleagues, in the form of sharing good practice, and coaching opportunities. You will receive a weekly email to inform you of new resources and opportunities in the Academy.

Financial Sustainability

We believe the CHP Academy offers a sustainable, affordable approach to health and wellbeing programme in your school. Schools can use their PE and School Sport funding this year to sign up for 1, 2 or 3 years access to the Academy (pricing below). We recommend using this year’s funding to gain access for years to come to ensure you have a secure programme for health and wellbeing in place, and are using the funding effectively. If you only wish to sign up for a year at a time, we will email you to remind you to renew your account. Schools wishing to continue to use the lesson plans could purchase the folder of lesson plans we have printed and continue in this way, but would not have access to continued support, training, new resources or updates. We want to make this work for schools – we try to keep our prices reasonable, and our resources comprehensive, so there’s little need to spend on other products. Get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss managing your account, and access to resources.


1 year in the CHP Academy £499

2 years in the CHP Academy £799

3 years in the CHP Academy £999

Do we need to teach every single lesson and use all the resources?

Not at all. Our Health Ambassador programme trains subject leaders to identify their school health needs, select the most appropriate resources, then implement a progressive, plan for learning in their setting. Some schools focus on just a few topics, others use the whole scheme of work across the school. We don’t dictate how you use them, but we do ask that you’re holistic in your approach, and ambitious for change. Take a look at our Case Studies for more examples of how schools are using our plans and resources. Join our Health Ambassador training programme to be guided through subject leadership step by step.

Examples of how schools use our resources:

Curriculum resource

Most use the Scheme as a curriculum resource in PE (warm ups/skill development/classroom), Science & Food Technology (e.g. the whole school teaches a Nutrition unit for a half term), in structured PSHE lessons & assemblies.

Map whole school

Our Health Ambassadors, alongside SLT, are supported to map whole school provision for health and wellbeing under our four pillars of health, to encourage diversity and a holistic approach.

Extra resources

Some teachers like to use the resources for short periods throughout the week, i.e. Early Morning Work, during snack time, straight after lunch etc.


Assemblies are themed with the Health Champions in mind, and our giant wall stickers inspire the children to consider health in the most rounded sense.

Health Week

Many Health Ambassadors use the resources to plan a Health Week, sometimes with parents being invited in for sessions, and to introduce the Health Champions.


Teachers are using many of the topics as the basis for ‘Health Homework’ once a half term. They create open tasks for families to engage in, and ask key questions for pupils to form an opinion on.

Through the Lense

Schools select one area of health and wellbeing to focus on, for example sleep, spending time outdoors, body image – and look at it through the lense of all 4 pillars of health.

Whole School Topics

Headteachers choose a theme they wish to flourish across the whole school, such as ‘resilience’ (sleep/immunity/friendship)  – implement through assemblies and lesson plans – they look at how sleep, nutrients, community affect resilience. Some collaborate across the whole school – all year groups learning about the same topic for a whole half term, and creating summative work in assemblies, exhibitions and demonstration lessons.

Health Club

Many of our schools have set up a Health Club in extra curricular time and use the resources to lead sessions for any age group.


Many SENCos have advocated for the use of the Scheme of Work to complement other programmes such as Thrive, and how it could be used by support staff for intervention programmes.

Is this appropriate for schools who are not teaching the English National Curriculum?

The Children’s Health Project was set up with children’s health and wellbeing needs at its heart. Our lesson plans and resources are based on all children’s needs, not just created to meet the National Curriculum in England. The Project started in England, with schools who were using the English National Curriculum, but has since evolved and is now being accessed by schools in other countries – Wales, Scotland and Luxembourg, for example. Teachers from these countries do the same as all our teachers do – browse the lesson plans and resources, and select which ones meet their pupil, teacher, community and curriculum needs. Our training guides subject leaders through this process. Our lesson plans, classroom resources and training therefore primarily suits teachers using the English National Curriculum, but can be accessed by teachers from around the globe, teaching varied curricular. If there are topics in the Academy that don’t fit your curriculum, you can of course leave them out of your teaching programmes. If there are topics you wish there were resources for, let us know and we may be able to accommodate them. We hope to share some insights into schools using other curricular in the future.